Why You Need a Buyers Agent

As a prospective buyer, it can be exceptionally tough to successfully navigate the market and find the right house for you at the right price, especially considering it is a market that predominantly seeks to support sellers as opposed to buyers. This is why you may need a buyers agents.

Buyers agents are licensed professionals that have the know-how and experience to successfully help buyers locate, evaluate and negotiate properties.

Buyers agents usually offer two types of services. The full service is comprised of front to end support, beginning with helping you find potential properties all the way through to negotiating on your behalf, whether it be a private sale or an auction. This is a service suited to all buyers, especially those from interstate or overseas.

Another service many buyer managers offer is a basic negotiation service, where they will purely bid and negotiate on your behalf. This is a service that is often favoured by local buyers who have found a property.

Another important factor in deciding if you need a buyer’s agent includes cost. Depending on the agent and their experience the price will vary, however, users of the full end to end service can expect to pay a flat rate.

Tip: When it comes to buyers agents fees, they may be tax deductible.

Finally, when it comes to deciding whether a buyer’s agent is the right choice for you, you need to decide if you have the time and experience to do the work that they can do for you. Remember, they are professionals who have bought hundreds of properties, good to have that experience on your side! Contact us for a no obligation chat today.