Property Advice – You Get What You Pay For

The property industry is full of people giving opinions on where the best place to invest is and where the next hot spot will be. This is usually closely monitored by ‘the herd’, which are essentially the investors that either want free or at next to no-cost property advice. Sometimes all it takes is one voice, one ‘Property Talking Head’ to publish an opinion and some statistics to unleash the herd mentality.

Each part of our wide brown land has its own set of drivers that keep the wheels turning on the respective local economy. I am certainly one for good advice, that is not only soundly researched which may include statistical evidence,  but also has a healthy degree of local knowledge from someone who lives and breathes the local market. Statistical evidence will only ever be as good as the ability, knowledge and experience of a person who can interpret it.

Local Knowledge The Key

When giving property advice, local knowledge is key to market interpretation. This includes looking back to gather information as well as intuitively looking forward to ultimately provide an informed decision on what to do in the present. Like all things in life, the best results come from focus. When due consideration is given to provide an informed opinion, this gives us permission to commence our focus. In a property sense, this means that a location which is chosen gets the focus.

In the medical world all doctors will commence their education learning the same fundamental things required to practice medicine, but invariably many will chose a path and specialise. It is the same in law, after learning a set of fundamentals a solicitor will then specialise in a specific area of the law. So why would property be any different? There are several main property types, residential, commercial, industrial and rural. These are then broken down into various specialised or sub property types. Add to that different construction types, building materials and depreciation, not to mention land shape, size and topography and it is easy to see there are many and varied fundamentals. All of those fundamentals require knowledge to be gained through education before even venturing out to research an actual market to invest in.

A Local Focus

So, it is easy to understand that having a property professional with a local focus, providing valuable local knowledge is vitally important. No one would allow a lower limb surgeon to operate on your brain, so why would anyone choose a property advocate based in Sydney to buy them a property in Brisbane? Or for that matter a Brisbane advocate buy property in Hobart? Like a GP will refer their patients to a relevant specialist, professional service providers refer clients to us when they need advice on the Brisbane property market whether that be purchasing property or advice on whether to sell or hold their current property.

Instead of being a ‘Jack of all Markets’ we are ‘The Master of the Brisbane Market’. So if you are wanting to chat about property in general or the Brisbane market specifically, we are the experts!

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