QLD Versus NSW-  State of Property

With the 2018 State of Origin Game 1 taken out by New South Wales the media chatter is deafening regarding the win and the dissection of it. This will undoubtedly now turn to, “Can Queensland save the series?” and “Can Queensland maintain the domination they have enjoyed over the last 12 years?” Previously, in the history of State of Origin Queensland has not gone more than 3 series losses before winning again, a feat that will take New South Wales a long time to match. While QLD has enjoyed a dominance on the footy field, the same can not be said for its property market when compared with NSW.

Sydney Ahead But for How Long?

In particular, if we just compare the state capitals of Sydney and Brisbane, we can see that Sydney has dominated the capital growth stats since QLD commenced its origin run in 2006. In fact, 7 out of the last 12 years have seen Sydney grow more on a percentage basis than Brisbane, but is this about to change? With the property market slowing around the country, it has been felt most in Sydney with Brisbane stabilising and possibly (many think) paused to surge ahead.

So maybe the QLD origin team should take heart that even the local property market has a lot of fight in it yet. With recent figures showing Brisbane has overtaken Sydney in median house price percentage growth it is well positioned to start an origin type domination of its own, in property growth. With many projects on the drawing board, both infrastructure and commercially based, all eyes are on our political leaders to keep the wheels turning and ensure the local economy keeps moving forward. GO THE MAROONS!

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