Expert Property Advice For First Home Buyers

PS Property Advisory offers a special service targeted specifically at first home buyers.

Purchasing your first property can be daunting, confusing and very time consuming. The thing is, there is no bad time to buy property, there is only the threat of buying a bad property. If you buy well, you can set yourself up for life with a property that has the best potential for long term capital growth. If you don’t buy well, you can be left with a under-performing property that has no capital growth or even goes down in value. Our First Home Buyer service is designed to provide you with the information and guidance to make the best possible purchase.

First Home Buyer's Receive

To explore this exciting opportunity further, you can begin by booking a free initial 15 minute phone consultation to explain the service further and answer questions you may have.

Moving forward from this initial consultation, First Home Buyers will receive:

  • A meeting with you to discuss your plans, needs, wants and criteria etc. and sign up for our service.
  • From day 1, we provide a personally customised purchase plan for you to use when searching for a property. Where to buy, what to buy and why.
  • Once we have found a property that meets your criteria, your Buyer's Advocate will do a full assessment comprising a price appraisal and the positives and negatives of the property. You will then be able to move forward and purchase with confidence.
  • We then make an offer for your chosen property on your behalf, your Buyers Advocate will step you through the negotiation or auction process.
  • You will gain access to our hand-picked list of professionals, including Building and Pest Inspectors, Solicitors and Financiers and more as needed.
  • This comprehensive service provides you with the advice, direction and confidence to complete the purchase of your first home.
  • For a set fee, you have access to the knowledge of an independent property team with over 100 years of combined experience in the property industry.


Don’t make your first property purchase your worst! If you want your very own ‘Property Person’ to talk to then make contact today!