Brisbane’s housing boom continues through the second quarter 2021

Brisbane’s housing boom continued throughout the second quarter, with home values climbing 2% in the month of May and 1.9% in June, taking the end financial year growth rate to 13.2%. Similarly, the rental market has witnessed the same positive growth trajectory with renters in strong competition and landlords taking advantage of the demand and increasing their rent across the board.

Advertised supply remains well below average and the imbalance between demand and supply has prolonged the upwards pressure on housing prices. With forecast population growth of more than a quarter of a million people in the next four years in the Federal Budget, we do not see demand weakening.

In the face of strong price growth and even stronger competition, our investor and owner occupier clients have been able to rely on our experience and expertise to successfully navigate this unique and challenging market and secure some fantastic properties in Bulimba, West End and Taringa.

Now might be a very good time to contact us about how your property is performing and/or what we would recommend to improve its performance, or how to optimise your outcome if you’re considering selling by taking advantage of this strong market – contact us any time, we’re happy to chat.

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